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This Week's New Tees!

About Threadcakes

Chris Cardinal started Threadcakes in 2007. The contest seemed like a fun idea; turning art into edible art, and having run the Loves Threadless fan blog, he decided to run the contest through his blog. Tons of fans of Threadless signed up and submitted over 100 entries including some absolutely wonderful pieces. No contest was run in 2008, but in 2009 we had almost 600 cakes and over 9,000 cake photos. Absolute madness.

Threadless and a few other sponsors have been kind enough to donate prizes, which helps make the contest all the more fun to win, but we think the contest is great just to enter! (At the very least, you get to eat cake!)

The Rules

The contest rules are REALLLLLLY important and available right here!

About Chris Cardinal:

Chris is a software entrepeneur running a Tempe, Arizona web development and custom software firm.

When he's not coding or caking, he likes photography, traveling, writing, and bunches of other pursuits. He also has two internet-famous dogs.

Get in touch with him on Twitter or if you're having trouble or want to talk Threadcakes, email him directly at: chriscardinal [at] gmail [dot] com.

About Katie Edwards:

Katie Edwards is our awesome social media person. She runs the super-fun birthday blog Best Birthdays and is likely who you're chatting with on our Facebook page. I'll allow her to introduce herself:

My name is Katie. I'm a librarian and researcher, and a mom. I work for a non-profit in Calgary and write for a few different publications. I also read a lot of SF and speculative fiction, so I'm totally prepared in the event of a zombie apocalypse.